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Place Description Manufacturers County (pre-1974) Country Verification Other Verification
ANDREAS Church. One Rowley Hill memorial plaque Isle Man England
ANGLE Angle Church Pembrokeshire Wales VG39 2010
ANLABY St Peter's Church Craven Dunnill Yorks E England VG35-2 2010
ANNAN Jopson's Jewellers Dumfries&Galloway Scotland VG38 2010
ANNESLEY All Saints Church. Chancel pavement, 1874. Under carpet Powell & Sons Nottinghamshire England
ANSTEY Martin High School (no public access) Leicestershire England VG19 2010;NPA
APPERLEY Holy Trinity Church Gibbs & Canning Gloucestershire England VG13 2010
APPLEBY Appleby War Memorial Swimming Pool Cumbria England VG7 2010
APPLEDORE St Peter & St Paul Church Kent England VG17 2010
APPLEDORE The Appledore Plaque, old railway station. Artist: Maggie Curtis Devon England VO 2010
APPLEDRAM St Mary the Virgin Church SussexW England
ARBORFIELD St Bartholomew's Church Minton & Co Berkshire England VG2 2010
ARBROATH Smithies Angus Scotland VG38 2010
ARBROATH C.J. Fleming & Sons, butchers shop, 27 Westport - complete 1930s tiled interior, mildly art deco Angus Scotland VO 2010
ARBROATH Kirk Square - tile mosaic by Elizabeth McFall, 1991 Angus Scotland VO 2010
ARBROATH Arbroath Abbey Angus Scotland VG38 2010;HS
ARDINGTON Ardington Pottery Minton & Co Oxfordshire England VG25 2010
ARDLEIGH St Mary the Virgin Essex England VG12 2010
ARKESDEN St Mary Church Minton & Co Essex England VO 2010
ARLINGTON St James Church Powell & Sons Devon England VG9 2010

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